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Here is where you can advertise With Runegecko!

Buying ad-space is quick and easy. all you need is a credit card or a paypal account, scroll down to what you want read the quick explanation and then the button that says "buy."

Small Ad-space:
Small ad featured on and on supporters page on the forums.
$0.05/m (five cents a month)
$0.08/m 2 ads

Large Banner ad:
Large banner featured on and on supporters area on the forums.
$0.25/m (twety five cents a month)
$0.35/m 2 ads

Buy a full page:
What is it, it is a full page ad where you tell people veiwing it all about your wonderful website or product. This feature is a bit tricky though, what you do is E-Mail me the info and or pictures that you would like on the page, and if you have paid i will turn this into a page featured on both of the site.