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How to program in batch - tutorials and examples

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Batch Downlaods
Base Code Downloads
The Begining codes
sending text
Base Code Downloads

You need some base codes for a btach project? You have come to the right place.

Base Code 1
Contains one batch file that can get you started on your batch carreer.
Base Code 2
Contains one batch file that tells you all about colors and color codes in a simple batch.
Base Code 3
contains a batch that will help you with opening websites and file location with batch, Utilized in RHB RUN program.
Base Code 4
Base code containing a batch that will teach you how to send text using a batch, this is great if you dont want to read the tutorial and would rather download this file.

As you may have noticed these files are very small because these batch files are not encrypted because they are open source. You can use any of these bases in any program, Commercial or Non-Commercial, but please Credit me and this website. Thankyou to all who download or veiw my tutorials!

All downloads have been uploaded and created by ME therefore they are completly SAFE!