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How to make gp
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Guide 1 - Starting at level 3
  Right after you get off of tutorial island go into the castle right behind you, find there stairs and climb all the way up. Then head to the bank and put everything in there besides your woodcutting axe. After you finished head back down the stairs but this time make your way around to the back of the castle. There will be a few "trees" back there. Chop them untill you have a full inventory and head back up to the top and bank them. repeat this untill you have about 100 logs. withdrawl them as notes (using the note feature of your bank) and head up to varrock. if you cannot find varrock use the runescape world map provided by runescape. after you have made it there go to the grand exchange and sell the logs, you will sell them for a very good price at your level. anyway your should now have around 2-5k coins. now start chopping the logs around this area. chop and bank them untill you have reached level 15 woodcutting. now head to the bank and buy a steel woodcutting axe (this can be done by saying "buying steel woodcutting axe") after you have gotten it head over to the oak trees. chop them, you will find they are a bit easier to chop because 1 tree gives more than 1 log. chop them untill 30 wc. now go and buy a adament wc axe, head to draynor village, right next to port, and chop willow trees. bank them over and over and then when u feel you have aenough go back to the grand exchange and sell them for a nice profeit.
Following the above step is a great way for begginers to make cash fast!

RuneScape world map

Guide 2 - advanced members woodcutting
Requirments - begining 60wc end 75wc
  head to camelot bank, go south untill you see a graveyard/church. go in the graveyard and you will see 3 "yew trees" chop them and bank them untill level 75 woodcutting, when sold these yews should make you about 1m in gp.  after you have gotten 75 wc head south to the camelot wizards tower and you will see 4 sparkling noise making "magic trees" chop and bank them, these logs are a whopping 1.1k+ each! continue chopping untill you feel you have done enough. sell all you have chopping and you probably have made a nice sum of money.
all of the above guides are under protection from warscape ltd. do not take/steal/edit/copy them.


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