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RuneGecko Black Dragon Logs and Guides

Beginers guide

Beginers guide

On this page there is Guides on how to kill the king black dragon and what equipment you will need.

What you will need:
rune c bow
Red, Black Dhide armour
Ruby E bolts
Ranging potions
Anti dragon shield
telepory runes
The rest should be food
Good armour
anti dragon shield
Good weapon
Teleport runes
anti poison
Combat potion
rest should be food

How to kill:
Tell your group to form a circle around the dragon, this confuses it and makes its attacks slower and less often on one person, after you do that tell the rangers/mages to move back a few steps so they dont get hit with melee damage. after you have formed the circle attack the king black dragon and after you have killed it admire the drops.