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Runegecko hub


This is Runegecko's Portal hub

Update: june 2, 2008
Today i am proud to announce a fleet of new additions! first off i have unvailed a new website! it is, here you can chat about our newest realease, a TBMMORPG, whitch is now in its beta stage and the server IP and port will be realesed there.
In other news you can now advertise on my many sites for a nominal fee, check the Navigation on the forums for more info. also i have Ripped and edited a flash "Game" from AQ, where you can now make an avatar. this program lets you edit armor colors, chose wether you want a cape or not and then tells you how to take a screenshot, if you didnt already know! Keep in toutch with this page for more info every week!
Portal hub:  may 29, 2008
Today i have added this portal hub to the runegecko website, i have also learned how to use the forums site to host all sorts of different file types for your veiwing pleaser. Have a great time and remember Come back to this page to see all of the news!
Runegecko Games: may 25, 2008
Today i have realesed Runegecko games! Here you can play all different types of games, With additions everyday! And the best part is it is completly free! Keep in touch and Find out about even more updates! If you are wondering where you can find these games, go here.