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Rock Band for PC
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Rock Band for PC
It is coming, will you be a part of it?

Rock Band for PC is a game like rockband (although not as advanced, yet) that features drums and guitars. It also features Free Play, the feature that started it all.
Closed Beta: Open, Releasing files soon
Open Beta: to be released soon, once i get the comercial lisence.
Rock Band for PC V1: unknown date, hopefuly sometime this year

System Requirments:
USB hub
Audio system
USB 4-Port hub
Drums (any Usb 4pad 1 peddal synth will work)
Guitar (must be usb)
The game was originaly made and tested on windows XP.
All information will be changed.
Information above last changed april 19, 2008

To beta test this project, go to and make an account, give your real email because i will email you if you with the Closed beta, Full Version of the game!