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Make money with Combat

make money with fishing
Make money with Combat

Make money with swords or sorcery

 To start go right to the goblins and start killing them, pick up everything they drop, keep on killing them untill you have reached level 15 combat, go sell the stuff that you have collected and buy weapons/armour for your newly aquired combat skills. after you have done that go to varrock and head west from the center to barbarian village. start killing the barbarians there, beware sometimes they get quite strong. pick up everything, dont fear for banking because all you have to is wwalk east into varrock and the bank is right there. keep on doing this untill around level 35. go to the bank and buy some food, whatever you can afford. go back to barbarian village and go down the hole in the middle and you will be in the stronghold of security. fight through the mazes and pick up the drops.
Combat is not the best way to make money but it sure levels you up.
Thankyou for reading this guide.

Guide submitted by Gecko Toady, Creator of RuneGecko