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How to program in batch - tutorials and examples

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The Begining codes
sending text
sending text

This tutorial will teach you to use batch to send text strings to a text document.

Start out codes:

echo TEXT>>sample.txt
                           echo %Variable%>>%Variable2%.txt
                           echo NG is pwng>>ng.newgroundsfile

ok, now for the basics. this tutorial will teach you how to use a batch to send a string of text to a document. this has many uses.

ok first make something like this:

                           @echo off
                           echo this is a tutorial ment for Newgrounds.

now after you have entered this into the text editor of your choice, write some thing like this ender the last string of code:

echo this tutorial is awesome>>Iamrunegecko.txt

Now use your Text editors save as funtion to save this file as NGTUT.BAT
after you have saved it goto the location where you saved it and open NGTUT.BAT, it will make a text document called Iamrunegecko containing the text this tutorial is awesome.

Now i will teach how to change the file type the This tutorial is awesome will be sent to.

echo this tutorial
                           is awesome>>Iamrunegecko.<Your choice>

this Will work.

as i stated above i will teach you how to work variables into this function.

                           echo USE ON NG OR RUNEGECKO.TRIPOD.COM ONLY!!
                           set /p text=What text would you like?
                           set /p name=What filename would you like?
                           set /p ext=What file extension would you like?
                           echo %text%>>%name%.%ext%

This will save the designated text to the name and extension you chose.

Please do not redistrubite these codes or scripts