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How to program in batch - tutorials and examples

Fake Virus's
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Fake Virus's

Here i will teach you how to maike fake virus's for educational use only! Please do not use what i show you maliciously.

I am providing you with a download that will have 4 files, 2 text documents and 2 batch files. the files with the number one after them are the fake virus "Shutdown with timer." The ones with the number two are "OverLoad" False virus's.
None are really harmfull, well to be honest i am not so sure about the "OverLoad" one because i close the Spawner before the amout of batch files reaches a critical amount.
Any way, please only download the files below if you agree that you will not use these files to do damage to yours or other peoples computers. My intensions are not to teach people how to kill peoples computers it is to teach people about variouse batch comands.
The download link is directly below.

click here to download file