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How to program in batch - tutorials and examples

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The Begining codes
sending text

The Begining codes

here you will learn the starter codes and scripts.

ECHO - command that will display a text

ECHO iamrunegecko

would return:
iamrunegecko in the command prompt.

Title - code used to name the command prompt insance

Title iamrunegecko

would turn the title of the instance to iamrunegecko

SET /P c= - used for promting a users answer or text

set /p c=Choose a fruit:

would return "Choose a fruit:"
this code allows the user to type text, this text can be used in variables to set choices for complex programs coded in batch. the C in the code represents the varriable to save the text entered to.


All varriables in coding should be surrounded in % markers, IE %C%.

varriables can be used for almost anything in batch, from choosing a menu or internal program to Run programs and even more complex things.

for an example RSWS (Runescape/Runegecko World Switcher) utilizes the varriables function to choose detail modes and worlds.

i will show an example code and explain use of varibles.

                           echo for use on NG only
                           echo this will explain varriables....
                           echo .
                           echo choose a world
                           set /p world=Choose a world:
                           start http://world%world%.RSURL.END
                           echo opened world %world%
                           goto RSWS NG CODE

this echo's, uses set text's, and uses a start command to open a url with varriables.

please do not redistribute these codes and or scripts.